Neurology Pro

A solution crafted by neurologists

A differential and references app for
Neurologists and General Physicians

  • Fast

    We know every second counts. Neurology Pro derives differentials in a flash without internet access because its powered by a Cognitive Engine curated by Academic Neurologists.

  • Trusted

    The Cognitive Engine of Neurology Pro runs an even more powerful version of the trusted and validated algorithm behind widely acclaimed Neurology Dx. The algorithm powering Neurology Dx was selected for young investigator award at World Stroke Congress 2018 in Montreal.

  • Convenient

    A bedside educational clinical tool that springs up differentials you may potentially miss, in a simple and fluid user interface

  • References

    All differentials shown by Neurology Pro for a clinical query is backed by references to published literature indexed with reputed databases (requires Internet).

  • Complete

    The current collection of Neurology Pro is comprised of 600+ symptoms, signs, images and lab values and 3000+ neurological disorders. This trusted collection is continuously updated by experts.

  • Localization

    As you pick symptoms and signs, Neurology Pro derives possible localizations in neuraxis on the go. A powerful tool at the hands of residents and consultants alike.

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